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It can be incredibly impactful to have a community that compassionately responds and empowers those bereaved by loss. And while grief can be difficult to handle, there are resources dedicated to helping you make sense of this difficult period. These resources are free for the public to share how bereavement and grief can affect family and loved ones, especially in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. No matter your circumstance, these resources are designed to support bereaved individuals and their family and friends, giving you the tools and guidance to work through this process.


Who to Notify Checklist

There are people and organisations that you may need to tell after the passing of your loved one. This downloadable grief information can help you plan in moving forward and getting things organised throughout this stressful time. From taking care of any administrative requirements to getting the support you need, be sure to stay informed and get the most out of these resources to ease this period for you and your loved ones.
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