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Carol Lyons is the Owner and Manager of Families First Funeral Services. She created the company 10 years ago after working within the funeral industry and finding a need for consumers who wished to customise the farewell of their loved ones in a more personalised way.

Her clients prefer the fact that they are dealing with a smaller, intimate firm and feel that their wishes are not overlooked, or dealt with in a trivial manner. All of her co-workers are industry professionals and come with a wealth of experience and subscribe to the companies creed of “Families Coming First”, after all at the end of someones life it is not about us, its about them, and allowing families to farewell someone who will be missed dearly in their own way, provides some solace for their loss.


Carol Lyons

Karyn Williams
Funeral Director

Karyn is an industry specialist with many years of experience, she has worked with a number of organisations and has been a valued member of the Families First Team for over 3 years. Karyn is passionate about what she does and will go out of her way to assist families in being able to say farewell to their loved one exactly how they wish to do so.

​Karyn is a proud mother and grandmother

Madison is the newest member to our company, she has joined the team after observing how her mother Karyn has assisted many of our clients, she also has a deep appreciation for what we do, Madison is committed to providing the utmost care to our families during their time of need.

And is the proud mother of one child.

Madison Williams

Funeral Directors Assistant

Steve Romano
Funeral Directors Assistant

Steve is also a valuable addition to our team, he enjoys assisting people and will often be the quiet tower of strength that people need. Steve is committed to ensuring that all facets of a service run smoothly and will go that extra mile to make it happen. Steve is married and lives with his wife in the outer eastern suburbs.

Harley is a freelance funeral celebrant who over the last thirteen years has conducted over 1100 services with funeral companies across Melbourne.

From the first meeting with a bereaved family to the conclusion of the funeral service, Harley’s aim is to respond and lead with respect, sensitivity and compassion. He tailors the ceremony to meet the wishes of the family, as they grieve for and celebrate the life of their loved one, and is comfortable with both secular and religious themes.

Harley lives in Heathmont with Ruth and they have two adult children who are themselves married and have produced beautiful grandchildren for him and his wife to enjoy!

Harley is also a workplace counsellor and a chaplain for the CFA.

Harley Kitchen

Max Wilton

Max is a friendly, relaxed, experienced funeral Celebrant who is a calming influence at a time of family distress. He will assist you and make helpful suggestions to celebrate the life of a lost loved one.

He is always contactable providing personal visitation and a 24-hour msg/phone contact. At a time of family distress, it is important to have an independent calming guiding hand with explicit confidentiality.

He is a past president and life member of the Association of Civil Celebrants of Victoria.

Leeanne has been a celebrant for 10 years. She knows that funerals are such an incredibly difficult time for anyone. As a funeral celebrant, her compassion, her integrity, her understanding and her guidance are her promise to you. She will work closely with you to help create a service that is heartfelt, authentic and reflects the life and the essence of the loved one you have lost.

Leeanne lives in Croydon with her husband. They have 5 children and 6 Grandchildren and enjoy spending precious time with them as a family.

Leeanne Quinlivan

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