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Just Cremations No Funeral

When it comes to remembering the dearly departed, it is not uncommon for people to have a private celebration at a later date and not everyone feels the need to have their loved one there. Cremation only funerals for instance are a popular choice to preserve privacy and keep affairs simple. For just cremations and no funeral, we offer a No Service Cremation Package or alternatively, you can upgrade to a Basic Cremation Service for your loved one. Call now to plan your option.

Just Cremations No Funeral Service Option

No Service Cremation

Our No Service Cremation Package will provide a cremation for your loved one without sacrificing on the care and attention that’s expected. For an upfront payment of $1950 (inc. GST) we will include:

  • Transfer at time of need into our care
  • Mortuary Care and Preparation
  • Basic Coffin
  • Transportation Fees
  • Cremation Fee
  • Death Certificate from Births, Deaths & Marriages

Like all our packages we ensure there are no hidden extras so you can rest easy and focus on remembering your loved one. The only change to the cost is if an oversized coffin ($200) is requested.

just no funeral cremations

Upgrade Your Basic Cremation To A Customised Package

just basic funeral cremations

Basic Cremation Service

Our Basic Cremation Package will provide a dignified farewell for your loved one while relieving the stress from your proceedings. We will include all of the following for $4945 (inc. GST), but of course this can be tailor adjusted to your specific requirements:
  • Transfer at time of need into our care
  • Mortuary Care and Preparation
  • Coffin Choice
  • Chapel/Church Fee
  • Celebrant/Minister Fee
  • Fresh Floral Sheath
  • Cremation Fee
  • Death Certificate from Births, Deaths & Marriages
A 50% deposit is required at arrangement and the balance is due on the day of the service. There are no hidden or additional costs, unless an oversized coffin ($200) or a private viewing on a day other than the service ($290) is requested.

Our $4945 Basic Cremation Package Pricing Breakdown

The following are some itemised inclusions for your arrangement options (inc. $450 GST).

Upgrades Available

funeral coffin flowers

Your cremation or burial can be designed and tailored to suit you. There are many options available, for example:

  • More Coffin/Floral Sheath Choices
  • Memorial Cards
  • DVD presentation of Photos
  • Funeral Notice in either The Herald Sun or The Age
  • Catering at conclusion of service
  • Use of our mourning car

Please contact us to discuss your needs.

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