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Coffins are budget friendly and are all included in each package. With no additional charge, basic coffins are an integral part of funeral ceremonies and burial rites, you can choose from our range of coffins for your service.

Our custom coffins are suitable for various types of funeral services. Whether you need a coffin or casket, we offer a strong timber construction material to help you transport your loved one to funeral homes and for any burial or ceremony requirements safely. Well constructed, built and polished, we provide a wide range of styles and shapes to suit your event requirements. You can truly see the difference in designs and quality on our catalogue. If you’re planning a funeral service that reflects the life and personality of your loved one, we have an amazing range of options and an easy-to-follow process when it comes to choosing your coffin or casket design. From beautiful finishes that makes the individual coffin stand out to other customised options for the size, shape, colour and design, simply pass on your request to our funeral director to get your enquiry swiftly handled.

Though you can change this if you have other requirements as we have oversized coffins available for an additional cost. You can further customise and decorate your arrangement with a floral sheath of your choice. Speak to a funeral director today to plan your service. We can advise you on the perfect option according to your needs to celebrate the life of your loved one. 

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