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Funeral Cremation Service

One of the most common ways to say goodbye to a loved one is to hold a cremation service. A funeral service cremation is increasing in popularity due to its simplicity, cost-saving benefits and unique bearing on spiritual tradition. Though the body is typically cremated after the funeral ceremony, the cremation process can also form part of the attended service. It enables a more intimate final goodbye as the cremation allows for a symbolic celebration of your loved one’s life with friends and family in attendance. Alternatively, should you wish for privacy, you may opt for a no service cremation with no mourners in attendance. Make your arrangements with a professional funeral director today.

Families First Funerals Cremation Service Options

No Service Cremation

A direct cremation can be held without a funeral service to keep things private. For an upfront payment of $1950 (inc. GST), an unattended cremation will include:
  • Transfer at time of need into our care
  • Mortuary Care and Preparation
  • Basic Coffin
  • Transportation Fees
  • Cremation Fee
  • Death Certificate from Births, Deaths & Marriages
Straightforward and simple, a no service cremation covers all the needs of a traditional cremation. There are no hidden costs unless you’d like to request an oversized coffin ($200).
funeral cremation service
funeral cremation services

Basic Cremation Service

Our basic cremation package can be custom tailored to suit your exact needs while providing a dignified farewell for your loved one. For $4945 (inc. GST), we can provide:

  • Transfer at time of need into our care
  • Mortuary Care and Preparation
  • Coffin Choice
  • Chapel/Church Fee
  • Celebrant/Minister Fee
  • Fresh Floral Sheath
  • Cremation Fee
  • Death Certificate from Births, Deaths & Marriages

A 50% deposit is required on arrangement while the rest of the balance is due on the day of your service. There are no additional surcharges barring the request for an oversized coffin ($200) or a private viewing on a date other than the service ($290). 

Arrange A Cremation Service With Families First Funerals

A cremation is a popular choice in funeral service to be closer to your loved one during your goodbye. It allows you to keep things simple while fulfilling all the main requirements of a professional funeral care from transfer to medical certificates to the procession at the crematorium. To arrange your personalised service, speak to our funeral director today.

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