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A funeral burial service is one of the most common ways to say goodbye to a loved one. Closely tied to family tradition with significant bearing on giving families and friends meaningful closure, a burial service provides a sense of finality and allows for visitations in the future. A typical full funeral burial service may involve an attended ceremony, but a family may choose to do a brief, simpler committal service with few to no mourners in attendance for privacy reasons. While this generally takes place in a pre-booked cemetery plot of your choosing, a family may also pick other locations such as the home, a special park or community hall as their loved one’s resting place. For a well-planned and thoughtful burial service, make arrangements with professional funeral directors from Families First Funerals.

A Home Burial Service For Your Loved One’s Funeral

The type of burial you choose remains a deeply personal decision. Some people may opt for a home burial to be closer to their loved one. It can bring immense comfort to a family for their loved one’s final resting place to be their family home. Consider factors such as religious customs, financial situation and personal preferences before making your decision. It goes well without saying, choices made related to final arrangements including weighing your burial options should be done carefully as it forms a major role in how the deceased’s memory will be kept alive. There is no right or wrong decision, just what is best suited based on the circumstances of your loved one’s passing.
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Benefits Of A Home Burial For Your Funeral Burial Service

When it comes to your loved one’s closest family and friends, private burials or home burials on private land, a family cemetery or at home can make a big difference in how they can preserve their connection to the deceased after their passing. For instance, a home burial or burial on family land that is much closer and accessible means they will be able to visit more often and feel more comfortable staying for longer periods of time while paying their respects. Apart from increased visitations, ownership of the land allows them to maintain the plot as they wish and keep the graveside in a condition as they see fit. This prevents neglect and potential desecration, as well as theft and trespassing. Finally, a home burial offers higher privacy. Strangers won’t be able to intrude as the grave is located on private ground and you can remember your loved one in peace.

Considerations For A Home Burial Of A Loved One

While there are many advantages to a home burial, it is also important to consider the individual circumstances surrounding the death of your loved one as well as other contributing factors. They may include:

Funeral Date In Relation To Death

How time-sensitive is the funeral arrangement? While the family has the right to care for the body at home should they choose to, conditions may vary. In opting for a home burial, if it is performed within 24 hours of death, you may be able to skip any requirements for refrigeration or embalming. If the funeral and burial are far off however, you will have to rely on more complex methods of preservation for the body and require refrigeration for the length of time it takes until the home burial can be performed. These concerns can be discussed and planned out with a funeral director and potentially, an embalmer.
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Legal Considerations Of Local Area

Some communities allow home burials or family cemetery burials. Once you pick a location, you are legally obligated to create a special easement in the deed of your property. This is a clause in the deed which identifies the location of the burial plot. Our funeral directors at Families First Funerals can help you determine if your local government area permits loved ones to be buried at home. We can assist you throughout your entire process according to your requirements.

Property Value And Long-Term Intention

Oftentimes, these may be the ultimate deciding factors. Whether you’ve found your land to be well-suited for a home burial or with conflicting elements present, these findings will affect the quality of your decision in the long run. Consider your property value. Where real estate is concerned, having a land you consider a multi-generational investment is best. If you choose to bury a loved one on your land, and sell it off on the market later, it will limit your options as some buyers may be deterred from a property with such a history.
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Property Location And Condition

If you own a large enough land away from busy roads and neighbours, and you aren’t planning on moving anytime soon, it may be ideal to have a burial plot at home. Consider the layout of your land as well. A location far from any streams and rivers as they erode and rise over time is preferable. Otherwise, it may put the loved one’s remains at risk. A high point away from the water table is similarly encouraged. If possible, the chosen location is ideally part of a long-term land conservation plan where you intend to preserve the space for future generations.

Arrange A Home Burial With Families First Funerals Today

If you are considering a home burial for a loved one, but don’t know where to start, plan your arrangements with Families First Funerals. We can ensure a thoughtful and well-planned home burial funeral service and assist you with all the requirements of your choice. From transfer of the body, certificates and various details that make up your desired service, we offer a personalised, professional home burial for meaningful closure for family and loved ones.

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